Product Features

Ironic Effective Essential Design

Makes Tasty a minimalistic napkin holder. Adopting an exquisite U shape to add that modern touch to your table, a small bite-sized chunk has taken off from the edge for a complete tasty vibe that is such a delightful detail.

Fashionable& Functional

Make your next soiree unforgettable with this lovely patterned accessory that decoratively nests stacks of napkins at any event.

Stainless Steel Bent and Cut

Tasty has a soft and non-slip base that is gentle on your surfaces. No need to worry anymore about your new tablecloth or wooden table. It also comes in an assortment of colors that can inject a vivid splash of beauty into your living space or outdoor setting.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

is what you can expect from this easy to clean and maintain home organizer that is the epitome of redefined style. Whether you are a passionate event organizer or simply a collector, this is just the feel you need to elevate your space.

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